Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We managed to position your website in the top positions / results of Google and we provide you with the necessary strategies to work that relevance in social networks and content. In this way, your website will be optimized in the search engines and organic traffic will be generated in one of the most profitable sources of the digital system. Your business can succeed on the Internet of the country that you decide.

We offer you our ability to analyze the users and the competence and our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technical knowledge for social and corporate communication are effective. We plan and apply it to measure to be a success and totally personalized.

Social Media Marketing

We help position you in the large audience that social networks encompass. You will get more presence online, since the networks are full of potential consumers. We rely on the segmentation offered by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to directly influence the segmented target and achieve a high level of affiliation on the part of this.

We advise you on the social media strategy that your business should follow to generate more engagement and we get involved in the management of profiles with a Community Management service.

PPC Management

Optimization of your PPC and Search Engine Marketing campaigns. COSEOM can provide you with cutting edge SEM services and results!

Our qualified professionals are experienced in any task involving SEM campaigns. We setup new accounts within minutes to ensure your offer reaches its audience immediately after launch. We maintain your accounts looking for constant profitable growth as well as provide you the reporting tools to make strategic decisions based on your website performance.